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    We help build an intelligent workplace by integrating  interactive displays, room booking system, access control and innovative room design into workplace. We make business collaboration simple and people-orientated.

What do we do

Our Total Solution on SMART OFFICE

Smart Conference Room Scheduling System

Manage Your Daily Schedule

Customers are able to manage the meeting schedules through our scheduling system on mobile devices and receive real-time response if any changes are made.
It also synchronizes with the information system of HR and management team for administrative purpose.

Access Control Device

Assign Permissions

Customers gain access by Password, RFID (Radio Frequency ID), Fingerprint and Face Recognition. Administrators can give or refuse users’ permission to restrict the area. Any unauthorized requests will be denied.

Interactive Display

Encourage Participation and Achieve Efficiency

Our Interactive Display integrates the functions of projector, whiteboard, computer, microphone and Audio devices into a smart whiteboard.

With the help of these functions, the Interactive Display facilitates decision making, interaction and data collection in any business activities.

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