• Collaborative Working


    Leverage Rwork to reach full potential of your team. You can manage all the things regarding workplace in one mobile application.

What is RWork?

Remote Collaborative Office Solution

RWork integrates instant messaging, video conferencing, mobile attendance, mailbox management, office administration, human resources, finance and other office scenarios into one platform. 


Start mobile office according to different office scenarios.


Real-Time Communication

Access information and transfer documents without delay. 


Borderless Collaboration

Achieve team collaboration that breaks geographical boundaries. 

Build an integrated workflow for better resources allocation

All-In-One Management

Enjoy user-friendly platform with multiple functions, including HR and OA system.

Evolution of Rwork

On-the-go Solutions
Rwork 1.0


  • Contacts, Instant Messaging, Reminders, News
  • Document Management, Expense Claim System, Fault Reporting System
One Stop Office
Rwork 2.0


  • Launched iPad Version
  • A Full Set of Business Applications Including HR Management, Finance Management, and ERP
Intelligent Office
Rwork 3.0


  • All-in-one Applications with Instant Messaging, Calendar, Documents and Online Meetings
  • Auto Synchronize with PC, Mobile and iPad Version.
  • AI and Robot Included to Achieve Digital Upgrade

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