Security Risk Assessment & Audit

What is Security Risk Assessment?

Security Risk Assessment & Audit (SRAA) is a set of policy, standards and guidelines on information security management.

Through identifying both tangible and intangible assets, we help analyze threats and vulnerabilities in your business. An assessment regarding impact and likelihood will be generated in order to summarize risk results.

How to Carry Out?

Security risk assessment is an on-going process involving a set of actions.

The first and the most important step is to identify potential security risks from a specific environment and point out the consequences if certain vulnerabilities cannot be remediated properly.

Based on the observation, our professional team will develop a framework for the whole security program and review the progress.

Security measures and protection is to be adopted under the framework of the program. It includes existing policy revising, new policy defining and other specific actions.

To track the progress and facilitate future audit reporting, daily operations such as users’ activities and information will be recorded and logged.

Re-assessment and compliance reviews will be carried out based on the result from the previous stage to ensure the fullfillment of clients’ security requirement. 

Varied Requirements


Web/Server based, Mobile, IOT

Platform Design and Implementation

CRM/CMS and other customized systems

Technology Specific

DAST, SAST, Credential Scan


Cloud, On-premise


Switch, Firewall and other security-related infrastructures

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